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Exclusive Event For Business Owners Who Want to Increase Profits Without Having to Work More
If you're sick of feeling like your business runs you and not the other way around then this event is a must attend. 

You'll discover insider strategies that have allowed a humble business to become a global giant. And now they're allowing our clients to regain control of their businesses through effective systems.
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The McFreedom Secrets Workshop
Join us for a one-day workshop developed by Marianne Page (Ex McDonalds Senior Manager). In this workshop she will reveal the secrets behind the systems and processes that took McDonalds from one restaurant to serving 1% of the worlds population every day! 

But more importantly, how they apply to your business, to gain you the freedom you need to scale, sell or grow.

Are you feeling;
  • Frustrated by your need to check up on your people all the time? 
  • Limited by your own success, and think the only solution is to clone yourself?
  • Let down by your managers, and their inability to communicate or inspire action in your team?
  • You can no longer avoid tough, sweaty palm inducing conversations with your staff?
  • Like your business owns you, (you may even want out) but you can’t even imagine where to begin in scaling or selling it?
Want to work ON your business, not IN it?

In this workshop you will;
  • Rediscover your creativity and innovative streak by employing systems created by the best in the business, and elevate yourself out of the day to day.
  • Find out how we use people processes to get your staff engaged, motivated & productive without you needing to look over their shoulder.
  • Create an effective feedback loop between your workforce and management, meaning no more wondering where a project or client is at.
  • Build uniform practices and manage to the rule, not the exception.
  • Elevate and educate managers who your staff WANT to work for!
  • Remove yourself from the business (as much or as little as you want).
  • Gain the freedom to grow, scale or even sell your business.
To find out EXACTLY what you will get out of the day, take a look at the schedule below;
What You Will Get
Morning: Focus on Clarity 
  • Uncover your purpose, and big why, to realign you with your own business route map
  • Unearth the key areas of your business that are causing you the most pain, beneath all the ‘ideas, worries & 4am concerns’.
  • Build a measurable, achievable success system for 90 days, 2017 Financial year, & where you want to be in 3 years.
Focus on Simple, Logical and Repeatable Processes
  • The Objectivity Test; complete my ‘Easy To Do Business With’ Framework
  • Discover the formula for creating simple, logical and repeatable processes for every action your staff take.
  • Build a step-by-step system for measuring results, on-boarding new staff, feedback and more.
  • Find out how to train a high performance team using our revolutionary McDonald’s method.
  • Learn innovative proven feedback strategies to maximise your team’s performance
  • Learn the Critical Success Factors and the Business Dashboard for measuring your business’ success
  • Revealed: Feedback strategies to maximise your teams performance
  • Find out what numbers you need to be measuring to ensure your business success. (We call this the Critical Success Factors and the Business Dashboard)
Throughout the workshop you will be actively engaged in working ON your business. 
By doing this you embed your learnings. 
You will leave with tools to implement in your business immediately.
At the end of the day, you’ll leave us with:
  • Real clarity and a route map towards business success PROVEN by industry giants.
  • Your immediate key focus areas & how to plan & measure effectively
  • The knowledge to effectively implement systems within your business giving you the ability to being leveraging yourself out.
  • Knowledge on how to create a high performance team that doesn't require your constant attention
  • Confidence that comes from tracking the right numbers in your business
AND, even though I have been teaching business owners this stuff for over 27 years, I still love to make what many see as a dull and boring subject fun, so this is not one of those dry BORING business days!

Marianne :-)
'Marianne has 27 years of senior management experience with McDonald’s. Over an 8 year period she worked closely with more than 14,000 managers and franchisees to develop their management and leadership skills, and through her focus on continuous improvement and system development, saved the business over £1m in her final year.  

Marianne now works with 6&7 figure Business Owners who are victims of their own, often rapid success, and who are unable to extricate themselves from working In their business, in order to work ON it. 

Marianne has a reputation for being inspiring and fun-loving, and for taking an area of business that most business owners are terrified of, or resentful of at best, and turning it into something which is easy, enjoyable, and actually gets done.’
Lucy Whittington
"If you're at the point where you know your team needs more instruction, but they need to be able to do things without you, if you're a bottleneck and you want to know how to do this .. then I highly recommend this workshop"
Maggie G
Mags Inspires
"It has been an absolutely amazing day and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's interested in implementing the systems in their business and taking it to the next level"
Rachael Flanagan
Mrs Bucket
"We're a fast growing company and this has proven to me even more how important it is to focus on the four key elements they teach in this program"
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